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Application Management Services   @ DanLaw.

Enterprises have significant investments in IT assets to execute their business and derive appropriate returns. These investments are made over a period of time and spread across the technology spectrum; spanning from legacy platforms to client-server systems to more contemporary multi-tier browser-based systems.

Business landscapes are continually changing, with the continual emergence of newer and better technologies. As a result, managing IT and application maintenance to keep in step with the changes can prove quite challenging.  So your best people in maintenance are probably hard to be released for higher value-added work.

Surveys of IT spend indicate that organizations spend up to 70% of their IT budget on non-discretionary costs — in other words, costs to maintain current IT functionality and operations. Therefore, it is imperative that the costs of IT management and application maintenance need to be controlled, thus providing your business the edge to compete.

Our Application Management (AM) processes ensure that your systems are transitioned smoothly and safely, and they will continue to be supported at least to the levels that you have been supporting them. In most cases, we will be able to continually improve upon the current service levels.

You will continue to meet customer commitments seamlessly. Our services help reduce the time and money you spend on “keeping the lights on.” Instead of managing this through nights, weekends and vacations, you simply manage an agreement with Danlaw.

You and your knowledgeable teams can now focus on partnering with business, implementing better architectures and new functionalities. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) help to ensure that quality levels are being quantitatively demonstrated.  All this while you get a significant reduction in your annual costs and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your applications.

We achieve this by custom-tailoring our services through our 3-phased approach to Application Management.  

  • Concrete Planning Phase
  • Transition Phase
  • Steady State and Optimization Phase

Our AM methodology is backed by years of experience in application development and maintenance, for both custom systems and products.  This is complemented by our extensive knowledge base of technologies and domains.  It is supported by our infrastructure, network, human capital 
management and deep management experience.

The AM Services we offer

Danlaw offers a comprehensive range of software services from strategy, architecture, design, development, integration, implementation and rollout, to testing and ongoing maintenance.  We do this for organizations in several sectors of the economy, on a variety of technology platforms including, but not limited to, legacy systems, J2EE, Microsoft .net, Oracle and Open Source technologies.

The specific AM services include

  • 24x7 Production Management Support
  • 24x7 Application Maintenance
  • Help Desk
  • Technical help desk support (second and third level support)
  • Minor enhancements
  • AD projects (porting, conversion, integration, interfacing, re-engineering, etc.)
  • Technical documentation creation and maintenance
  • Customer support process documentation creation and maintenance
  • Systems support process documentation creation and maintenance

You will benefit from

  • Single point of responsibility
  • Customer impact based workload prioritization
  • Continual improvement
  • Full visibility and access


Value Proposition

Our AM Service will provide immediate business value to your organization.  It:

  • Frees up your valuable AM staff and other resources for partnering with business, higher value added work and strategic initiatives.
  • Continually improves customer service levels.
  • Significantly lowers your cost of ongoing support.


You can rely on Danlaw

For 23 years, Danlaw has been providing a variety of products and services to Fortune 5 and Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and small companies. The range of our activities includes custom application life-cycles, software product life-cycles, IT staff augmentation, R&D, hardware design, hardware manufacture, embedded systems software, networking, intelligent security systems, building automation systems and factory-floor automation.
  Danlaw name is trusted by its clients in all the countries we have operated. We currently have AM teams as large as 100+ strong.  You can rely on Danlaw.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a tailored solution to significantly reduce ongoing expenses while
not compromising quality of service, and freeing up your valuable staff, look to Danlaw. 
We will make it happen.

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