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Danlaw Technologies India Limited envisions itself as a products company that pioneers innovations. Danlaw's high skill and geographic comparative advantage, coupled with its deep commitment to R&D, ensure that whatever is done is done the best and with great cost advantage. The who's who list of partners and customers testifies to this fact. Be it Embedded Solutions, DSP, Web Based Applications, Biometric Solutions. DANLAW is a certified ISO 9001:2008 organization. Danlaw stands out from among the rest. Danlaw means a commitment to do as never before!


Declaration of Voting Results of AGM.

Minutes of 23rd AGM held on 30-09-2016.

Danlaw Technologies India Limited Annual Report 2015-16.

Danlaw Technologies Inc (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Danlaw Technologies India Limited)Financial statements 2015-16.


ISO-9001:2008  Certified Company.       We are Recurting Software Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer and Hardware Engineer for Embedded Software Division. Marketing Executives and Service Engineer for ISS Division.