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Danlaw Fills Your Engineering Gaps

Stakes are high in the automotive industry. With short deadlines, thin margins, and demands for higher quality, hardware and software projects require more than a one-size-fits-all solution. From requirements through production, Danlaw has the people, tools, manufacturing, and expertise to get you to the finish line.

Why Danlaw

Our project-based approach gives companies a straightforward method for addressing engineering challenges. By breaking down complex activities into outsourceable elements, Danlaw helps companies tackle overwhelming problems in manageable bites. And while test design is done by humans, we believe that testing itself should be automated. As much as possible, our products and services are designed around automated testing, resulting in earlier delivery with fewer defects.

Danlaw’s Automotive Engineering Expertise

  • Systems Engineering
  • Embedded Software Development and Testing
  • Hardware Development and Testing
  • Infotainment Testing
  • ECU Manufacturing
  • Test Lab Operations
  • Automotive Network Compliance Testing
  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety
  • V2X Development and Testing
  • DSRC Certification