Mx-Suite™ is Testing Made Smart

Features & Benefits

One test Tool that Has it all

Mx-Suite™ is simply the most comprehensive platform for automated embedded software verification and validation. A picture is worth a thousand words, so Mx-Suite uses intuitive graphics to streamline your engineering development efforts. Because of Mx-Suite’s layered architecture, the same tests are reusable at any stage of the development process: Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, or Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Easy Integration

Mx-Suite connects to most types of test and measurement equipment right out of the box, and Danlaw can quickly customize Mx-Suite to support new interfaces. Mx-Suite also seamlessly integrates with popular ALM systems such as IBM Rational Doors, Polarion QA, Atlassian Bamboo, and Jenkins.

Tests Throughout the Design and
Development Lifecycle

Mx-Suite is flexible enough to test your implementation during modeling, rapid prototyping, and software development, as well as during bench testing of physical embedded controllers.

What You Can Test With Mx-Suite

Easily Meet ISO 26262 Safety Requirements for Test

Mx-Suite incorporates model and structural code coverage tools and requirements traceability to help ensure your tests cover your ASIL requirements. A tool qualification kit is available, approved by TUV SUD for ISO 26262 process requirements.

Jumps in at any stage of the process

Regardless of where you are in development, Mx-Suite can test your implementation so you save time and money by testing early and testing often.

Creates test summaries that are easy to read

Reports are formatted using a drill-down approach so managers can see overall test summaries and engineers can find the root symptoms of successful or failed runs.

Shows a picture of where a test failed

Detailed test reports display failures as a sequence of inputs and outputs over time so there’s no confusion. Data tables and timing charts support detailed analysis by your development team.

Tests your component in a virtual vehicle

Mx-Suite™ allows you to simulate a vehicle in a completely virtualized environment or with commonly available hardware. Cost-effectively test at a subsystem or system level.

Stores test cases and logs for later re-use

Replay Test stimuli and results to localize root causes of failure.

Rapid Test Creation and Maintenance

Save valuable time by defining expected behavior with Mx-Suite’s visual test creation interface.

Other Danlaw Products Powered by Mx-Suite


Reduce Physical Layer Test Time From Weeks to Hours
When you add Mx-PLT to Mx-Suite, you will save time and energy on CAN network physical layer tests and LIN conformance tests and get your components to production faster.

  • Arrives preconfigured and calibrated
  • Reduces crunch-time conformance testing
  • Generates reports formatted to OEM standards
  • Enables quick issue detection and resolutions
Mx-PLT Product Sheet


Design, Test, and Certify your DSRC Module
Danlaw offers a complete system for DSRC testing and V2X pilot certification.

  • Test for compliance requirements
  • Test for RF quality
  • Test for interoperability
  • Test integration with other vehicle systems
Mx-DSRC Product Sheet

learn About Key Features in Mx-Suite

Detailed information about Mx-Suite’s intuitive graphics and test case reusability, key features, such as integration to AUTOSAR applications, and industry applications is available on request.