Fast-Track your automotive embedded project


Software Development and Testing

Danlaw’s reputation for helping automotive OEMs and suppliers get their work done is undisputed. We help our clients research and prototype new concepts, deliver clean-sheet designs, add new features, integrate systems, verify and validate requirements for automotive embedded systems.

Areas of Software Expertise

  • Infotainment and Driver Information Systems
  • V2X Application Development
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Active and Passive Safety
  • ADAS
  • Network Communication Protocol Implementation
  • Chassis and Drive-Train Controls
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Network Drivers
  • Body Electronics

Our Method Ensures Your Success

Danlaw knows that a system is only successful when it works with the whole vehicle, so we start every project with a thorough requirements analysis. As we consult with you about solutions, we will co-create an approach that will fit your needs, costs, and schedules. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget.

Software Development

Software is the most challenging element in the development of embedded automotive electronics. OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers trust Danlaw to develop high-quality software.

Firmware and Low-Level Software

We design and develop device drivers, operating system kernels, network communications drivers, and diagnostic routines.

Application Software

We’ll assist you in designing and developing new software features using your company’s quality standards.

ISO 26262 Functional Safety Support

Danlaw has project experience in designing to functional safety requirements. We can help you classify safety goals, create technical safety concepts for hardware and software, and integrate and validate your software.

Vehicle Buses

Vehicle communications are the core of Danlaw’s software development knowledge. Our expertise includes Automotive Ethernet, AVB/TSN, Android ADB, CAN FD, CAN, J1939, GMLAN, J1850, LIN, KWP2000, MOST, E-OBD, USB, and Bluetooth.

AUTOSAR Software Development

Our engineers can help you develop your AUTOSAR solution, from Basic Software configuration to Complex Device Driver and Application Software Component development.


We know your software gets more complex every day. Testing early and often is the key to delivering high-quality software on time and on budget. Danlaw developed a smarter testing approach that’s made us the industry’s first choice for embedded software testing.

Infotainment Testing

Danlaw helps you deliver complex customer-facing systems with rigorous functional and performance testing.

Automotive Network Conformance Testing

Danlaw tests to OEM specs in the following layers: physical, data link, network management, node management, diagnostics, and application. Includes Ford ITV Certification for CAN as well as CAN/LIN tests for FCA, Ford FNOS, GM Global-A, GM Global-B, and Toyota.

ECU Functional Testing

We can help you test your deliverables at the various stages of the development cycle, from modeling to production validation.

Test Bench Creation

Danlaw will custom-design and build test benches using hardware suited to your testing needs, whether functional, performance, or stability. Our automated test benches are powered by Mx-Suite™.