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Validate and verify your V2X application with our Mx-Drive Mobility Simulator. Use the Mx-DSRC Compliance tester for USDOT certification.

Mx-Drive™ Mobility Simulator Simulates V2X Environments

Mx-Drive is a multi-vehicle and infrastructure mobility simulator that provides an environment to generate and run real-world conditions to test connected vehicle applications. Testing V2X applications on actual roads has limitations. Only a limited number of test conditions can be achieved, while safety and damage risks further limit test coverage. Mx-Drive combined with the Mx-Suite ecosystem significantly simplifies the testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Sensor Fusion, Radar, and V2X. Mx-Suite is ISO 26262 qualified to test safety applications for OEMs and suppliers.

Mx-Drive Addresses The challenges of V2X simulation

  • Specifies the vehicle under test’s route and the routes of all the other vehicles transmitting V2X messages
  • Defines the behavior of V2X infrastructure
  • Coordinates GPS, vehicle bus and RF transmissions

V2X Application Testing with Mx-Drive

The Mx-Drive extension to Mx-Suite delivers the functionality required for testing in a fully modeled test harness (MIL) and in a bench test fixture (HIL). Routes can easily be specified, both manually and programmatically. Infrastructure transmissions (e.g. MAPs and SPATs) can be configured. Test equipment is precisely time-synchronized using generated GPS transmissions. The existing benefits of Mx-Suite, such as test data presentations, pass/fail determination, reporting, etc., are available.

The Mx-Drive environment provides several key capabilities for testing V2X (V2V, V2I, V2P) applications. These include:

  • Simulates the movement of objects such as vehicles and people, as well as the data messages for roadside units (RSUs) and on-board units (OBUs)
  • Generates a GPS signal with simulated time and position data for the unit under test
  • Delivers synchronized CAN data, or other vehicle bus alternatives
  • Provides ‘alternate’ data route choices (if necessary) to deliver simulated accelerometer/gyro information to the SUT
  • Using the Danlaw DSRC modem to transmit messages such as BSM, MAP and SPAT; its comprehensive suite of processing transforms perform the message data packing, encoding, and security in conformance with industry standards
  • Supports verification of application algorithms in MIL, SIL and HIL test environments
  • Offers a graphical and a programmatic approach to creating tests

Mx-DSRC™ Test System

The Mx-DSRC Test System simulates systems in the vehicle that interact with the DSRC radio module to create tests closely replicating real-world scenarios. Its integrated approach allows the DSRC components, such as RF quality and protocol conformance, to be exercised with multiple system components. Mx-DSRC provides a powerful and easy-to-use framework for testing your DSRC system.
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Mx-DSRC tests at every system layer

Danlaw provides a complete testing service focused on success that ensures you achieve rapid certification with the proper reporting and audit trail.

  • Using a programmatic approach to creating tests, alternate use cases can be easily evoked from basic conditions, thereby allowing extensive sweep and corner case testing
  • Provides more thorough testing of the algorithms than possible in road-only testing
  • Mx-Suite’s integrated Code Coverage capability helps assess the integrity of the test
  • Uses the same core as the Mx-DSRC test platform allowing for continued assurance that the system is compliant with V2X DSRC standards throughout development

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Mx-Suite is simply the most comprehensive platform for automated embedded software verification and validation.

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